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Preview: Week 3 - Green Bay Blizzard vs. Nebraska Danger

March 10th, 2018


Nebraska Danger

The Danger enter the game 1-0 after a week one victory against the Cedar Rapids Titans.  The team is led by quarterback Damien Fleming on offense, who found the endzone twice in both the air and on the ground in the first game.  Nebraska look to continue pressure on defense against the Blizzard as they got to the quarterback three times in week one. Linebacker Myke Tavarres, who won IFL Defensive Player of the Week, leads the team in tackles and tackles for loss.  However, kicker Brad Hatfield missed both of his field goals in the first game and will look to redeem himself.

Green Bay Blizzard

Green Bay comes off the tough loss against the Titans in week two, but showed signs of improvement.  The running game for the Blizzard is a big part of the offense and Quarterback Christian Lemay has been leading the charge.  He currently is the league leader in rushing touchdowns and is fourth in rushing yards per game. B.J. Hill has also been a standout player, as he leads the IFL in kick-return yards, and will continue to set up the team up with good field position.  Hill also leads the team in tackles with fellow defensive back Manny Asprilla right behind him with 10.

What to Look For

Nebraska is coming off a bye-week and will come into the game fresh and ready to go.  The Danger will look to continue their balanced offensive attack and keep the Blizzard defense on their toes with a mixture of pass and run plays.  For the Blizzard, they must be efficient in the run game and be prepared to pass the ball. Nebraska’s defense looked strong against the rush in week one, but gave up 16 completions through the air.  The Blizzard will do well if they can utilize the run game to set up the pass offense. But, the offensive line must protect Lemay when passing as the Danger got three sacks in week one.

Christian Lemay will be the player to watch for the Blizzard, as he will look to march the Blizzard down the field.  Lemay will have to make crucial decisions when running the read option play and will have to find his receivers more frequently.  If Lemay can make the smart decisions against the aggressive Danger defense, then that can lead to some big plays for Green Bay. The Blizzard defense against the pass game is another important aspect of this game, as they have done incredibly well defending the run, but have struggled to stop the pass.  Expect Green Bay to stop the run and force the Danger to pass the ball, possibly leading to sacks and interceptions.

Also, you can expect B.J. Hill to once again lead the team in returning kicks.  The veteran has shown no sign of stopping and will continue to give the Blizzard good field position every drive.

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